Hey there! My name is CeCe.

I am a senior product design student at Carnegie Mellon University.

I am looking for
 full-time physical industrial design opportunities in September 2022. 


Summer 2021
   I was the first Industrial design intern at ZOLL LifeVest in Pittsburgh, PA.  I prototyped and designed the LifeVest monitor, delivered garment documentation, planned and conducted asethetics study and proposed four aesthetics directions. 

Summer 2020   I worked as a packaging designer at Resilience Gives  ( a sock company).These are some of the  illustrations I did for the sock band. In addition to redesigning the sock band, I also delivered floor & countertop wholesale display plan  and improved unpacking and post-sale online retail

Summer 2020
    I was an apprentice carpenter at “The Custom Cottage” in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I built various styles of bunk beds & staircases and designed custom furniture.

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021
I was a teaching assistant at Carnegie Mellon University for an HCI course “Interaction design overview” in fall 2020 and for a design studies course “Cultures” in spring 2021.  More documentation of “Cultures” can be found here