Midnight Sun is a four board poplar booktable inspired by Gio Ponti’s architecture and the Japense novel “Journey Under the Midnight Sun. 

PROJECT BRIEF From a 10 inches * 1 inch length of 60 inches of poplar, design and construct a rectalinear form that has four wooden planar components, exhibits proportional relationships to each other, and integrates the storage and the display of a book.

4 weeks

shop, CAD, physical prototyping


    I designed this book table to store, display and celebrate the Japanese mystery novel “Journey Under the Midnight Sun” by Keigo Higashino.
  The characters in this novel lived twisted lives between “dark” and “light”, as the author used many light metaphors to illustrate the characters’ complicated life.

    As a fan of this novel, I wanted this book table to possess a mystical voice. While the front board “hides” part of the book cover, the back board directs the user to “seek” a silhouette of the characters.

  To me, Gio Ponti’s architecture work also processes a similar “hide and seek” approach, as shown in many geoform compositions of windows or balconies. So I took inspiration from him, designed hidden joints that can disguise the true makeup and assembly order of this four-board book table.