SYSPLAN is a modular planning kit that urges novice woodworkers to always lay out a plan before an operation. SYSPLAN accomodates various woodworking tasks and ultimately aids intentional making.

student project

7 weeks

“Planning is part of the making.”

I experienced a tablesaw kickback when I was an apprentice carpenter. I knew “the right way” to use a table saw but due to lack of planning, my mind forgoed intention and focus. It made me realize that woodworking safety is both physical and mental.

So, how might a product encourage planning and aid mental focus particularly for novice woodworkers?


I interviewed students shop monitors about their work routine and interaction. I synthesized this in a storyboard and mapped out different interaction points where planning may occur.

Brand Language

Based on previous research, I came across the power tool brand Festool. Its modular design for systematic organization and clean visual langauge seemed most appropriate for developing a planning kit. This is also currently not a product line of most power tool brands. 

Sketch ideation



Detail Development


01 Case

Case houses plans. Snap fit...

02 Marking Kit

03 Checklist

04  drill bit


sliding mechanism